Lilli Van Hall is a creative — Her studies of Philosophy, Psychology, Spirituality, Architecture, Physiology, Religion, and all dimensions of Human Evolution support her practice in Teaching Yoga, Meditation, Movement, Writing, and other Acts of Service.

Lilli works with individuals who seek an unveiling of their connection to humanity, love, and the wisdom within — her conscious relationship with universal energy began with Yoga in 2002. Lilli received her first 200 Hour YTT Certification from Back Bay Yoga, a Certificate of Functional Science from Grey's Institute, a Reiki Certification from Reiki Master Guillaume Gauthereau, a Holistic Health Certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a second 200 Hour YTT at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and is a Certified Katonah Yoga Teacher — she studied with Senior Teacher, Dages Juvelier Keates and founder, Nevine Michaan. Lilli teaches in Manhattan, Martha’s Vineyard, and Los Angeles with her dog, Lewis — Her classes are informative, esoteric, and full of grace.

Her practice now incorporates an array of methodologies to serve each student return to Truth. Lilli believes releasing tendencies, and holding space of unconditional love — the Soul is able to be free. In this space of compassion and intellect, she witnesses students embody acceptance, forgiveness, and a deep remembering of the Divine.

In her dynamic approach to healing, Lilli strives to converse with the inner complexities of the human mind, body, and spirit — as a student of the human potential and God, Lilli hopes to open the heart, surrender our primitive rivets, while nurturing the implicit and explicit — It is with respect and wonder she surrenders to the spherical reality of Space and Time.