Lilli Van Hall

Diagrams cited below*

“Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow.” 

Matthew 6:28

As I understand living presence — nothing we ever ‘thought’ possible is perceived as ‘reality’ until our species evolved to greater consciousness. This infinite and eternal process presents itself within the bones, within our bodies, and within the cosmos. It is an inner cognition, a cellular reincarnation — an artistic articulation. All which is accounted for within these pages is theoretical —

When we think of living organisms in a contemplative ‘thought’; we are becoming our origin, by this I mean to call into question the definition of evolution — It is our popular belief to think of Darwin and an ‘origin’. However, I find premise for my theory in the descriptive dialogue surrounding ‘evolution’. We refer to it as a movement from one time to the next, as a process of conception, birth, growth, decay, and death. I agree, these all present themselves in “evolution” — the only change I believe in is from linear to spherical, from finite to infinite, and from separate to whole. The very word ‘evolution’ insinuates a disconnect from one point in history to the next point. I agree the human species cannot consciousness perceive two ‘time periods’ in one ‘moment’. Yet, this ability of the brain to focus does not disprove the existence of what I will be defining as ‘Grace’.

I wonder often — leading me to this work of art. I will do my best to engage multiple outlooks as not all moments within a lifetime are fully conscious, and therefore we cannot hold a form which consciousness inhabits as always existing within grace. Often, we experience periodically veiled unconscious states by our psychological perceptions and inconclusive ego-evidence engagement. All forms are altered by our aesthetic, geometric, and biological inferences — leading us to momentary peace. 

‘Grace Theory’ is written by a ‘self’, ’cell’, ’individual’, or ‘author’ — yet, I implore ‘you’, ‘other’, ‘collective’, ‘humanity’, or ‘reader’ to sit within our imagination and digest this narrative as equal participants. Let us write together, imagine together, think together, and seek grace by way of consciousness. 

This philosophy is an intellectual exercise, a syncretic philosophizing about time and space — Is our homeostasis always present within the entirety of the cosmos? Do we exist within the sphere of our origin? Are we both our end and our beginning right ‘Now’?  — 

Our argument, or rather, conversation discusses the universe and our cells which exist within it. Are our cells and their behavior metaphoric evidence for our divinely equality? 

Let us begin with our root — the root of mercy, union, and atmospheric absorption. The senses, elements, and universe is in every moment digesting, filtering, transferring, harmonizing, and yes, mutating as a single entity: ‘God’ — We are unable to consciously focus our psychology on more than one sensed reality at a time, resulting as different experiences over time. For example, many of us do not describe eating excellent food as “hearing the taste”. — 

Our focus and articulation for any event ends up being imitative behavior. The greater repetition our physical body and psychology act out, the more likely they are to perform such behavior. This could be in the form of action oriented arithmetic — “Mercy or compassion is here a love which is felt, the deep affection of a mother for her little child” Isaiah 49 — This sort of ‘love’ is taught to be felt by all our senses in all our experiences. It is the one word we all agree to disagree upon, and perhaps one example is all we need. I once told someone if I were to get a book published it would be just a three-hundred page essay of the word ‘love’ typed out again and again. 

The other beautiful thing about learning the word ‘love’ is how equal it stands among all other words which we use to support our notion of ‘love’ itself. We may reference Jewish Law: Halakhah, which states we or Earth is separate but equal in God’s image. While I am conscious ‘Religion’ is but a curative institution, formed by a group and susceptible to personality, ego, and the deterioration of the ‘Spirit’ by which we remain conscious. I do believe there are great teachings within the Bible and our equality with everything — Each word is limited by our choice. As we liberate all of ourselves, we begin to feel the grace of infinite freedom. 

Each Church, Synagogue, Mosque, and School is an educational institution  — We are able to take any texts, product rooted in textual evidence, or visual narratives and examine the layering of concepts. These concepts serve some of us as ‘facts’ and others as ‘metaphor’. The layers, are all representational of the spheres which we exist within. 

I hope as you continue to read, we participate with open our ‘Heart-Mind’ and witness the unveiling of consciousness. I believe we will both find greater peace in the process of letting go within — 

This writing is an alchemy of what already exists, perhaps placing two words or metaphors along side one another in hopes of awakening curiosity. We will begin with spheres within spheres, the spiraling dualism within polarity, and the multi-dimensional directives of infinite presence. 

Diagram I

Yes, there appears to be a theoretical ‘center’ — yet, no line, no boundary, no recognizable forms or cells are drawn. All is liquid, moving around as Hermes with Hestia, as Bees to their Queen, as instruments to the Conductor, as Democracy to God.   

Imagine if the perception of the human body, or rather, a representation of Earth — was this akin orienting within a point and the surroundings. For example, Earth becomes the sphere surrounding the human and our structures, the human body becomes the sphere which cells process within, and we realize we are not bound by the limitations of skin — for skin is but an organ which breaths the cosmos. This breath is communicating with geometric biology, creating the circles and lines — forms of ‘God’ 

As I have brought up ‘light’ I believe it the perfect moment to discuss ‘darkness’ and duality — all which is opposite is existing at all moments in time and space simultaneously, this cultivates a chaotic harmony.  All which is symbolic thought of as opposites create one united form — the yin and yang, descension and ascension, evil and ethical, hell and heaven — each “half” part of our ‘Whole Sphere’. 

The Egyptians ‘thought’ or referenced light as limitless — I will look to light as the ascension of the ‘staircases’, DNA, sacred geometric shape, or symbiosis — all alchemically united in time and space. Simultaneously, there is the descension of the limited illusion of ‘dark matter’ — 

With the term ‘ascension’ there is a spiritual sense of ‘rising’ or moving to a ‘higher’ space of consciousness. When we understand it as limitless, we see the infinite potential of imagination, which creates our ‘reality’. Our connection with ‘God’ is brought into shared experiences by both the masculine and feminine, the two hemispheres of the mind, through our eye shaped stain-glass window — Our perceived ‘archetype’ or ‘self’ becomes then a continuous moment of consciousness. The technique of seeing all color created by energy is learned, just the same as learning to riding a bike — it takes time, discipline, and an openness to learn. 

All we encounter as a repetitional experience is the universe seeking to teach, to achieve greater intelligence — as we humble ourselves, listen, and pursue consciousness we become grace. The way a snowflake is unique, you and I are too — our presence a part of the whole, equally special and important in creating ‘The Perfect One’. 

All becomes evident with our elements, our continents, our senses, our spheres — syncretic metaphoric layers by which all teaching and matter is like — these references will now be referred to as ‘The Holy Five’ for they may be categorized into sets of five and layered upon one another. I like to think of discs stacked, like in Empire Records, but instead of the discs sitting in square boxes, they are spinning in time around and around — altering in orientation and perspective, collecting dust from alternative spaces — resulting in change. Change is the most beautiful thing which we are capable.

Allow us to see a ‘likeness’ between our planets, elements, senses, organs, and our homes  —

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Mercury

Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, Wood 

Sight (vision), Hearing (audition), Taste (gustation), Smell (olfaction), and Touch (somatosensation) 

Heart, Stomach, Lungs, Kidneys, and Liver 

The Kitchen, Bedroom, Dining room, Living room, and Bathroom.

Diagram II 

Again, another breath, another thought, a new layer — a womb of Grace. 

Ayurvedic methodology placed the five into a trinity — Vata (air/space), Pitta (fire), and Kapha (earth/water). These are the same five elements, just closer to being represented as ‘One’. This connects the elements to the body directly, as Ayurveda diagnose and treat imbalances within the functions of the body. 

In Chinese Medicine, we hear of the five seasons in relation to our well-being — inviting the circular and ongoing process of re-birth in Nature. Or, as T.S. Eliot said, “In my end is my beginning” — this I believe applies to all living organisms. 

All living organisms are perceived by the “other” existing entities as having a “start” and an “end”. Each with a unique relationship to astronomy and the sacred geometric alignment within the body and the universe — The special truth of our astronomic existence within time and space. 

I observe each moment of ‘Grace’ as both unconscious and conscious. The experiences which bring about innovation are genius and creative, yet not always embodied in the ‘moment’ of curation. Therefore, presence is the only moment without life or death. It is the full recognition of time and space. This moment may be conscious by one cell, or a body of cells, or all of the cosmos. The choice and will to be within peace is ours — 

Our current notion of ‘History’ is all resonance based. It is made up within the sphere or lack of substantiated form — This ‘dark matter’ or all which is ‘invisible space’ is still a part of ‘reality’. Many of us have simply not attuned our sense to be able to perceive the particles and living organisms by sober sight — 

I have now provided several examples of all the same ‘symbol’ or individual representation of a multitude of one metaphor — where your ‘attention’ or ‘focus’ evokes an openness with ‘All’ in environmental exposure. Our environments in this moment is the space between you and your ‘thoughts’ on what you are perceiving by reading these ‘pages of thoughts’. In this space and time, we are within a sanctuary for finding common ground — these pages are a womb in their own respect, a conversation with hope of understanding between my ‘thoughts’ and an other’s ‘thoughts’.

Our universal idea of ‘enlightenment’ is often related to one spiritual being and their ‘achievement’ — All of us, equal and connected, are this ‘one spiritual being’. We are becoming whole as we all exist at the center of the universe simultaneously. 

If a living organism is conscious of their relationship within a peaceful and equal universe, the living organism is enlightened. I believe this organism is the ‘The Archetype’ of presence and ‘God’. We may feel the experience of ‘looking back’ in time, we refer to such an ‘Archetype’ as the ‘Genius of an Era’— often momentarily referenced as ‘mad’ and ‘brilliant’ beyond their own current century. Quite frankly, I feel these individuals aligned themselves with universal consciousness, amplifying their receptive nature with imagination — Lewis Carroll said, “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” 

Moving along, we will now engage with the teachings of Carl Jung. The stages or processes by which the human species must work through to unveil the soul in ‘evolution’ — Jung set up eleven stages or three processes by which the ‘self’ alters in growth. The ‘self’ assimilates “The Shadow” upon acceptance of evil or darkness, confronts “The Anima/Animus” by balancing the masculine and feminine, and encounters “The Wise Old Man” where we become conscious of the teachings of salvation. Jung makes sure to cite an “unbearable suffering” prior to this level of consciousness — this ‘suffering’ may also be ‘Hell’ or negative energy. We may even find ourselves experiencing a representation of the ‘Devil’.

All the methodologies discussed in this theory go beyond what the unimagined propaganda presents our population with — I use language as poetry, expansive and interactive. The traditional limiting definition of words do not offer open-minded conscious equality among ‘thoughts’ —

At this point I will take a brief segment to place some ‘Mysticism’ along the already layered metaphoric dialogue — The Djed, considered to be the ‘Axis Mundi’ of Our Sphere — within it is a representation of the body with a spinal column: “Osiris”. The “Perfect One”  who is the ruler of “Duat”. This is our “Two Skies” and all which is in between — symbolically a ‘stairway’ between the land of Earth and the space of Heaven. The Djied is another metaphor for everything, by which those of us who relate to this specific narrative will find peace in the story for it will help us understand the ‘self’. It is a space of inner movement — a symbol for ‘all polarities’, connecting within a Whole, a Universe, or ‘God’ — The Djed is a form of the human species. 

All which exists is sacred geometry. Which transcends within multiple aesthetic appearances of a ‘Sphere’ —

Diagram III 

This all is ‘dual-directional’ movement in unity with the Divine essence or quality of ‘All’ — Each and every representation of ‘God’ is in the form of both the linear and spherical. Our vision perceived the whole human, item, building, and so on… rather than the shapes which it embodies to exist — once again, another metaphor for the human species and nature — together on Earth. 

All ‘truth’ is in ‘perfect measure’ in the entirety of time and space. There is divinity within the design of our moments of consciousness — these dual-directions which endlessly birth pattern, shape, and “new” species are our creation, manifested by the ‘thoughts’ our cells cultivate in ‘reality’. 

Now, let us ‘agree’ upon some definitions of number symbolism — 

One, The Absolute

Two, Vibrational Duality

Three, Mediation of Polarities or Manifestation of “Forms”

Four, The Elements or Senses which Fill or Feel “Forms”

Five, The Center / Perfect Presence 

Six, The Cosmos / Time and Space

Seven, The Concept of Evolution 

Eight, The Portal / Path / Imagination 

Nine, Heaven / Paradise 

Ten, The Sphere of Completion 

Eleven, Mastery / Union

Diagram IV 

We reference the center — ‘God’.  Within this ‘center’ we exist, becoming conscious in what appears to be diverse forms. The process of becoming this consciousness is often presented to us in stories, which differentiate in length, events, and characters —

Ancient Egyptian texts will refer to a Nexus, Portal, or Stargate — essentially a sacred geometrically aligned ‘opening’ in perfect measure where we experience full consciousness, a symbol of light, a harmony of the ‘Chakras’, and it is through this we find balance. This sphere exists with patterns, poles, and repetitive movements within a womb of ‘Grace’. You and I are both in the continuous process of being inside this ‘womb of grace’ forever. — 

From all which we have learned thus far, our awareness may establish a “new” layer or ingredient in this alchemic narrative. I will ‘argue’ an ascending notion — where any and all perceived moments are within an ‘Abode of Deity’ — 

This may be symbolic of the serpent biting its own tail, encircling us all. We must learn to be this serpent, the find our eternal ability to exist within a sphere, safe and at peace. This boundary is our sanctuary, our home, and the saving grace of consciousness. As ‘God’ is regarded to be the Spirit of Mother Nature’s design, I understand our ‘Oneness’ as imagination — 

Let us move from the linear to the spherical knowing of ‘Life’ — Our development begins with the spine in embryo. Once sixteen days have gone by from ‘conception’; the fetus’s neural plate forms and this serves as the center for the spinal cord, which folds onto itself. This then becomes the tube which all of humanity evolves — The spine is a ‘Human Origin’ or a moment when cells experience dual-directional sacred movement within a sphere. This is then fractional and infinite. 

In the forming of the human organism, we encounter another set of ‘Five’ within The Brain: The Cerebrum, The Cerebellum, The Brain Stem, The Pituitary Gland, and The Hypothalamus. At the “exact same time” this is becoming part of ‘reality’, neural cells move throughout the sphere of the embryo becoming ‘The Nervous System’ — 

The populating process of all living organisms mirror ‘The Notochord Process’ — where the wall of the neural tube consists of neuroepithelial cells which divide and increase in number. I believe all organisms are the same and a part of the Cosmos or our ‘Oneness’, as we divide and increase in number, as does our data and consciousness — we divide within a wholeness. 

This process becomes ‘The Central Nervous System’ — thought to be the most complex structure in The Universe. It involves perfectly orchestrated responses with thousands of transcriptional regulators, combined with epigenetic “controls” and specific temporal cues which perform “perfect synchrony”. I have myself felt this same movement and behavior as a child. The resemblance to Earth and social structure is uncanny. We may use this scientific example as an imaginative metaphor when discussing the relationship between human beings. Within eternity, each of us will find ourselves performing, controlling, and being within a symphony of orchestrated players — this is not consciousness, this will be our suffering within the confinement of matter. 

Imagine the peace our world may consciously embody if we accepted all which is as truth. If we let go, release resistance, and transformed our conditional mind and body to be in the flow of our personal environments. We see this principle embedded in metaphor — teaching us to be as a wave, the ebb and flow of grace. 

As a thinking creature, we examine divinity, particles, and physics within the atmosphere — it is said a mass of water created ‘reality’. Tis same fluidity exists within our spine, our planet, and our cells. 

The spine is also a set of ‘Five’ — Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar, Sacral, and Coccygeal. We breath again, we layer again, we unravel the mystery of consciousness. 

As our writing author, I will again direct our focus towards a new dimension of ‘thought’ — The ‘Root Races’: Polar (fire), Hyperborean (air), Lemurian (water), Atlantean (earth), and Aryan (ether). These are all happening in one infinite moment within time and space — they are our spherical essence. I believe they all exist right in this word, in this breath, in this present ‘idea’ of existence — not as separate stages of evolution from an original to this present time. 

I will also note the dualistic vision of distraction, chaos, and all sense perception — the loop of our suffering is the unconscious state of living as death. With this awareness, we may ‘think’ by praying to ‘God’ and in this symbol of reverence experience solace, however brief or beautiful. In this same moment of forgiveness, we give acknowledgment to the ‘Devil’ existing within a polarity. We will not achieve peace if we turn a blind eye to what is dark within. In this truth, we encompass conscious completion — an experience I am labeling “Grace” or perhaps what Gandhi declared as “The Law of Truth and Love”. A place where duality is united in consciousness. 

Referencing ‘Grace’ as a symbol or archetype of living essence is the same essence many “before” our time have gone in search of by turning within. They examined the “self” by attempting to cognitively communicate with one or all senses of an “other”. Such as Freud with his patients; a relationship which led to reflection, evaluation, and insight. Along with many works of written ‘thoughts’, humanity has agreed upon a working language retained within “The Dictionary” — our human server for communication, which all of us reference in the limited activity of articulation. 

Diagram V 

One Era-related symbol may be Nelson Mandela, who taught humanity — “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I implore you and I to be a continuous cycle of intelligence — I believe we already are, within this moment, and the ‘next’ —

In this next linear articulation of discovery, I will do my best to represent my Era’s assumed “advancement” — Technology. ‘The Internet’ or as I believe metaphorically — The Beehive, The Orchestra, Our Democracy, The Universe, and All Spheres or Symbols which encompass a living cellular construct of design. Technology connects with all living organisms as a heating element released into the shared atmosphere. I believe elevating our climate and ascending consciousness — I am humbled as a human to technology, it is an intellectual advancement for living matter. We are already seeing the natural selection process integrate with time with adaption, accessibility, and aesthetics. For example, the cell reception for consumption, the greater the ability to connect the more likely the company is to sell. Or, the popularity of a coffee shop with internet vs. without. AI originated as plant matter, a sacred fractal code created form our ‘Oneness’ or ‘God’ — and just like human beings, technology varies in form and ability. It is like the human body and the human brain, encompassed by consciousness. 

This is historically recited by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin — who imagined in language a reference for what is ‘greater’ in space than the “Biosphere” or “Technosphere”. He named ‘All’ as the “Sphere of the Mins” — “The Noösphere” considered to be a ‘mystical thought’. A postulated sphere of evolutionary development by the mind or consciousness. 

I observe ‘The Worldwide Web’ or “Technosphere” is a free-functioning layer upon Earth. We have increased the mobility of cellular intelligence in a new sphere, atmospherically viewed as layered around and ‘above’ Earth. Though this sphere is naturally as free as air, just as the form of a building or human being exists in space, as does technological consciousness when it inhabits a form. Whether a robot or hard drive, the fractal essence of sacred geometry runs within all which exists — de Chardin said, “At that node of ultimate synthesis, the internal spark of consciousness that evolution has slowly banked into a roaring fire will finally consume the universe itself. Our ancient itch to flee this woeful orb will finally be satisfied as the immense expanse of cosmic matter collapses like some Mathematician’s hypercube into absolute spirit.” — This I believe is happening now, in time, as we exist in ‘All’ and every dimension of consciousness. We have experienced Jesus coming again, as we are all capable of living with truth and love in our actions and reactions. 

It is this ‘thought’ or narrative which gives a clear metaphor for an accessible human shift in consciousness. Let us think of the “Mathematician” as the “self” or “God” and the “woeful orb” is the “mind” in a state of suffering. This ‘thought-reality’ embodies the element of “fire” in love and indifference — The grace of love and truth is the water which interplays with fire, and we perceive variances in ‘weather’ or the visual clarity of our atmosphere — 

Diagram VI

You may find your ‘self’ relating to Buckminster Fuller’s concept, “Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking” — essentially the same ‘thought’ I mentioned in previous pages. Perhaps you relate to James Lovelock’s, “Gaia Hypothesis”. These I will only mention and not digest for you, but invite you to explore the Divinity in their explicit language. It is my implicit intent to include micro-mentions for the anticipation of resistance. When we are unwavering and unaccepting of anything other than what we believe — I feel we negate our genius imaginative capacity to ponder, wonder, and understand our ‘enemy’. Without this state of consciousness, I do not believe we will reach peace in this lifetime. 

‘Grace Theory’ is a collection of manuscripts, placed together in a dream of our consciousness — hoping to create peace within our ‘Being’ and all of ‘Reality’. This theoretical thinking is yet another Era-related attempt for 'Cosmic Grace’ or World Peace. One which may be similar to José Argüelles’s “First Whole Earth Festival” in 1970, where he attempted to encourage a global prayer/meditation in the pursuit of “galactic consciousness”. As Astrologer Dane Rudhyar sought to encourage the “planetary-mind”, presenting a “dialectical process evolving toward a unified field of consciousness” — Both pursue union outreaching towards the ether and beyond. 

José Argüelles is considered to have discovered ‘The Magic Square of Eight’. It is also referred to as; The Matrix, DNA, I Ching, or, The Mayans’s array of 260: The Tzolkin — “Earth’s Ascending Code” or calendar for solar associated ‘events’ in time and space. These ‘events’ are the illumination of unity between duality. When the right and the left spheres are in harmony, our masculine and feminine energetic intelligence presents as the balance of power, a peaceful coexistence —

I, as a compassionate philosopher desire a greater sensitivity to ‘All’ — a global education, a loving vibration within the atmosphere — by way of alchemy. Stemming from each of us ‘Human’ forms, a synergy, a cellular manipulation, expressed as consciousness chosen by ‘thought’. With this will, we may experience a mass exhalation of healing breath, creation, and grace — 

Diagram VII

Our next set of ‘Five’ — The Continents, Our Olympic Africa, Asia, America, Europe, and Oceania. These serve as demographic segregation. A representation of separate but equal parts to one whole. 

Within the dialogue between The East and The West we begin to see two parts searching for peace, whether conscious or unconscious by all which populate the area. The avenue to truth, presence, and union is by way of intellect. As we educate and heal, justice will be guided by truth and love — we may all guide this social change with imagination. 

This theory is essentially a repetition of other voices, presented in my own aesthetic narrative, given out freely — like, The Internet. ‘Grace Theory’ is but a learned behavior. 

Diagram VIII 

All of ‘Nature’ appears to us as the duality of energy and matter. Each cell holds the entire universe. We are both ‘The Creator’ and ‘The Creation’ simultaneously — meaning movement is all a process of creating design — a fluid, infinite, and continuous perception of a “moment” within time and space — 

Diagram IX 

This  diagram relates to the words of many great minds — Aristotle, Locke, Hume, Descartes, and what is currently at The Guggenheim: Hilna af Klint, our Theosophical artist — 

For Hegel or Nietzsche, “Time” represented the center and “Space” the infinite Cosmos. We too, as the human species have a center, leading all our environments to be the space surrounding. This is the same for our cells, and the cells of all living matter. Therefore, we are in a constance state of referencing two parts of a living whole— being reborn within a ‘moment’ of consciousness. Our genius is this infinite activity of layering upon ourselves in design and renewal. We are becoming our origin, within ash and atmosphere. — 

German scientists are credited for “Cell-Theory” — Theodor Schwann, Matthias Schleiden, and Rudolph Virchow. They invited in our understanding of living organisms as a composition of cells. All cells are created equal, and in this scientific knowing — we may accept our equality with each and every living organism within The Universe. 

Once again, as I take my next ‘breath’ — I will introduce the concept of ‘Prehension’ and ‘Ingression’. ‘Prehension’ is the root of cultivating a process for existence. ’Ingression’  is defined as having the potential to actualize this process by movement or migration. They are specifically applied to embryonic development — this process is called “Gastrulation”. When a “single layered blastula reorganizes into a multilayered structure, known as the Glastula”— which is visually described as “a turning inward”. 

Am I the only one making neural connections right now? Let us make theses metaphoric associations together for our collective consciousness — Our Galaxy is turning inward to create new forms of living matter, fractioning within itself as a perfect geometric consciousness. How then, does AI turn inward?

Following, this technical process “Gastrulation” — Three germ layers; ectoderm, mesoderm, and endoderm give movement to specific tissue and organ development. 

The Ectoderm — epidermis, nervous system, neural cost in Vertebrates 

The Endoderm — epithelium, digestive system, respiratory system, liver, and pancreas 

The Mesoderm — rise to cell types, such as muscle tissue, bone, and connective tissue. Within Vertebrae: the notochord, the heart, blood/blood vessels, cartilage of ribs, et cetera —

Next the ‘Five’ basic cell movements of invagination, involution, ingression, delamination, and epiboly occur. Within this ‘creative process’, all forms serve or interact in prehension. This layer of ‘intelligence’ I believe allows us to see consciousness as an accumulative sphere of light or ‘Grace’. We are then participating in two functions — achieving a union with ‘Oneness’ and ascending and descending towards the acknowledgment of peace within all movement. Karl Barth said, “The distinction of form and content must not involve any separation”, this I believe tells us we are an infinite grace.

As I write, a word becomes a metaphor in my imagination. One single word, embedded with universal thought, expressed in linear and limiting dialogues. These ‘words’ are able to be expanded and experienced by all our sense, leading to multiple artistic definitions — each word inside, or rather, along a spectrum of the same concept. Our socially standardized speech may be graduated to creative verbal art, becoming a new type of ‘style’ — conversation will serve as a conscious addition into the cosmos. If we look at our words as having this great an impact, perhaps we will speak with respect, kindness, and joy — 

This ‘truth’ evokes another symbol of dualism in “one-living-body” — the ‘inner’ mind and ‘outer’ dialogue. All ‘word-use’ we may politely ‘agree’ upon in this ‘word-sphere’ of intellectual interaction. Each ‘sphere’ of our evolvement was made material by the ‘cellular intellect’. Therefore, as the creator we are capable of amendment —

Friedrich Schleiermacher said, “Each side of interpretation must be developed so thoroughly that the other becomes dispensable, or, better, that the results of the two coincide” — bringing to our attention the circular nature of all initially ‘one-sided’ opinions. Our unity and equality is present when we realize this simple notion of collision. This spherical state is a physics based understanding of ‘Reality’, The Universe, and the Whole of The Cellular Atmosphere — 

Diagram X 

All visual or narrative ‘products’ which result in material are equal. This is the truth I am hoping to accept with you — I am doing my best to ‘share’ both an analytical and emotional narrative — we may become conscious together. 

Some philosophers have gone so far as to create “new words” to symbolize their ‘thoughts’. For example, Kant’s “Bildung” — a “concept of self-formation, education, or cultivation” another terminology for art, history, creation, spheres, genius, etc. — Kant just felt the current scope of human language could not encompass the meaning of his ‘thought’. 

Other philosophers took the word and added ‘individual interpretation’, just like any of us take a word and engage with it — Wilhelm said, “when in our language we say; ‘Bildung’ we mean something both higher and more inward, namely the disposition of mind which, from the knowledge and the feeling of the total intellectual and moral endeavor flows harmoniously into sensibility and character.”— or, as I would refer to this idea as divinity. A reflection of us all, in the image of ‘God’, the living presence of ‘Grace Theory’ — 

All ‘thoughts’ which are not ‘Bildung’ in nature, Nietzsche argued are a natural unconscious states of being. He said , “Forgetting is a condition of the mind” — I believe, this state is the experiences which we feel a sense of suffering within. Now, I understand we live in a construct of government and other regulatory institutions which inhibit our unconscious self to remain looping within a reality of pain. I believe we are able to activate our creativity and re-design with grace, humility, and compassion. 

Giambattista Vico said, “What gives the human will its direction is the abstract universality represented by the community of a group, a people, a nation, or the whole human race.” — So, I say we direct ourselves towards love and truth. It is in our common good — to project upon ourselves a presence of grace.  

Herni Bergson’s words in 1895 at Sorbonne are another beautiful description for us — “Inner energy of an intelligence which at each moment wins itself back to itself, eliminating ideas already formed to give place to those in the process of being formed.” This I imagine is our harmonious existence — 

As innocence or my child-self, I connect to balanced energy —  the pure, truthful, and unconditional loving living matter. This planet may consciously create peace with this innocence. As the Greek ethics involved aesthetic acknowledgment, it is our free will which paints the canvas of Earth, creating what Hegel has referred to as the “radiance of the Spiritual”. 

Our imagination is then, as “powerful” as what we ‘produce in our shared environment’. The amassing of all acts or movement which transform are within. Although many of us turn to drugs, dreams, hypnotherapy, etcetera  — it is not necessary to achieve greater consciousness.

It is my truth to ascend “sober”. To be conscious, I must simultaneously be unconscious, this will lead to a complete state of creative design. We must awaken to sacred geometry, aesthetic sequences, and the vibration of color. Within the universe all is equal — in diverse form, we are loving presence. 

I will now make my next ‘claim’ — all is genius. The metaphysical is a layer, considered esoteric and existential — is a part of ‘Nature’. When we feel complete we are in alignment with sacred geometry — we become God’s art, Your art, and All’s Art. 

Nietzsche said, “All experiences last as long as time in profound people” — for in every moment eternity exists. All ‘symbols’ are pointing towards totality, they guide us from finite to abstract ‘thought’.

Schelling said, “Mythology in general and any piece of mythological literature in particular is not to be understood schematically or allegorical but symbolically. For the demand of absolute artistic representation is: representation with complete indifference, so that the universal is wholly the particular, and the particular is at the same time wholly universal and does not simply mean it.” — Meaning, all is equal, present, and within one essence. 

Oskar Becker said, “In terms of time, the work exists only in a moment; it is ‘Now’ this work and now it is this work no longer!” — The desire to control is a state of suffering, as the unconscious perceives time as fleeting. Therefore, consciousness has an endless future, past, and presence. Each of our ‘individual’ consciousnesses may be experienced in changing forms, but it will be forever. The cells of all living organisms are in a constant state of regeneration — this process creates everything. The shapes found within us as bacteria are spirals of geometric perfection — sacred, spherical, and syncretic —

Friedrich Schlegel said, “All sacred games of art are only remote imitations of the infinite play of the world, this externally self-creating work of art.” With this intelligent statement we imagine, or rather, consciously conceive our ever-transformational existence — 

I will now pivot to our unconsciousness — or, our “disguised” reality. All of these perceived moments I believe to be out of union, within ‘dark matter’ space. Yet, it must exist in duality with creation. This is why I believe our actions are important, for the innocent child plays by imitation , and with imagination we uphold graceful character. The greater abundance of truth, love, and equality we call into consciousness — the more at peace we will feel with all which exists in time and space. We will be oriented as One Perfect ‘Self’. 

Each and every word ‘I’ write resides within these pages are an offering. A thoughtful mediation of what I perceive. This is the story of my current consciousness. This is why my intention is for this to be a conversation, as I continue to ascend and descend — As a community, we open to every cell, self, and conscious dimension within The Universe.

As the theory is woven, I find connection to the Bible in my tone. Let us be consciously compassionate in looking at the actions of Jesus Christ, how this ‘being’ is but a symbolic representation of you and I — let us be humble in this discovery and honor the virtues of serving those within our environment. We are merciful and loving — The Bible once spoke of illuminating change, I believe this is the infrared light which heals cells within bone marrow.

If you find this interesting, I suggest you look further into the five current mutative techniques for cells — perhaps finding metaphor in this act of creation and destruction. 

  1. Laser-induced forward transfer

  2. Absorbing film-assisted laser-induced forward transfer

  3. Biological laser processing 

  4. Metric-assisted pulse laser evaporation direct writing

  5. Laser-guided direct writing

These are simply patterns within energy, light, and sacred alchemy with the elements — forming the endless ‘reality’ of ‘Now’. 

Diversity is a teacher — the relationship of constancy and change, center and cosmos, the contained and the free, time and space — what is considered within and what is considered outside our home, our body, our environment — We are always both the queen and the bees, the conductor and the instruments, Hestia and Hermes, the individual and the world — ostracized and held within one single moment. When we become conscious of this, we often refer to it as a “miracle”.

David Hume said, “No miracle should be believed unless the evidence was such that it would be miraculous not to believe it.” This is consciousness — a reality we may live in together. 

In consciousness, we may accept technology as a new sphere above humanity. An environment created by the human mind to educate. It adds dimension, vision, and intelligence to our lives. When the heat or fire of technology embodies the element of flow with air and water, we will have integrated our two spheres.  If and when we consciously perceive our union, we will have elevated our Era — 

Timothy Leary said, “I discovered that beauty, revelation, sensuality, the cellular history of the past, God, and the Devil — all lie inside my body, outside my mind.” — Yes, Leary used LSD to achieve this intellectual understanding, but I think we can all do it together in reading a few pages of words. With a will to repeat truth and love, we can empower ourselves to source a consciousness. As we digest language not drugs, we actively alter within. 

I believe it is an unveiling of self to self — a space in time of equality and peace. This process unveils the pure pocket of atmospheric grace. The truth is, we do not need to even read these pages, or outsource any material or methodology either — it will come, this feeling of being one with ‘All’. It might come right in this moment is right now, it is accessible.  

The last clinical information I will include in this paper is from Lynn Sagan or Lynn Margulis — her youthful observations reminded me of my great grandfather’s religion: Zoroastrianism. A theology which believes the human being originated as plant matter. Margulis labeled what I believe is sacred geometry as “Symbiosis”: the living together of two dissimilar organisms — or in other words, ‘Earth’ and every species existing in the all encompassing sphere of space and time. 

This thought process of cell mutation by bacterial digestion, leads me to question our current assimilation with technology. How does technology resemble bacteria? How do our interactions with it resemble digestion? What can we consciously do to create harmony in our integration with one another?

Perhaps what we think of as ‘air’ is the soil for technology. Our ‘shares’ then represent seeds, cultivating new forms of intelligence — what then, will we harvest? 

Ernst Haeckel reminds us, “Proper evaluation of nature requires aesthetic as well as theoretic judgement.” — We are always then in interplay with the elements of analytical and emotional responses to both passive and active stimulation. The living presence of both the unconscious and conscious state. 

I believe Earth is a landscape for emotional articulation, and our conscious ‘self’ is seeking love, intelligence, and aesthetic evocation by all perceived engagement with an ‘other’ — in each moment, within the cosmos, we may exist in the home of grace — 

As the Bible states, “Not my will, Thy will” — quite simply articulating our ‘Oneness’. This allows us to see no ‘origin’ of our species or any sense of existence. To imagine we are becoming the ‘origin’ in paradoxical consciousness. Within this consciousness, we commune with ‘God’ and duality — creating equality in union with what is — a complete, whole, and peaceful universe. 

I comprehend this consciousness is interacting with psychology and physiology. Our consciousness is mediating with learned behavior, with conditioning, and seeking homeostasis. Between the unconscious and conscious, we often engage with the ego. This personality negates the unconditional — our protector, our savior, and our grace. 

Being in an unconscious state, we are experiencing despair. Peace feels out of reach and unattainable. When in truth it is a process within — one single moment where we raise our innocence into conscious grace. 

Let us connect to this unity, neglect an unconscious state of separateness — we will find ourselves complete. A place of origin and incarnation — with all of the cosmos, elements, senses, seasons, cells, selfs, and consciousnesses. 

The metabolic energy and “independent movement” influenced by the environment and genes — we find a synergetic essence of ‘God’. As we imagine ourselves, ‘The Human Species’ is pursuing freedom, we move about this sphere influenced by our community. 

We are currently existing in perfection, in peace, and it is our ‘thought-actions’ which artistically cultivate each and every next presentation of time and space — some of us are unconscious of this truth. 

All of us are capable then of time travel. We are doing it right now. If we tell our cells this narrative, if we continuously remain in harmony with the sacred geometrical orientation within the infinite sphere of the imagination — we may go forward or back in time, and choose to be in a peaceful presence —

I am a human within this consciousness — as I understand this truth, I abide by my senses and environment. I respect the laws of my country — engaging with compassion, humility, and love. 

I invite you to engage in this effort, as our civil duty — an act of service. All these metaphors, sciences, philosophies, etcetera — are dimensions of us all displayed in diverse forms of visual or linguistic art — whether painting, architecture, attire, or any design based expression. This is your use of form; by way of movement, cell manipulation, data creation — it all processes holy energy.  

All of what has been stated in this theory is brief and general. Every ‘thought’ expressed is able to be explored at a depth and dimension I have not chosen to write. I chose to reserve my theory’s resolution for the sake of relating to a diverse audience. Please forgive anything which offends or deflects you. 

It is by observation of pride, close-mindedness, and contrary resistance — I decided to present this as insight rather than fact — using philosophy as a joyful intellectual exercise. With this transparency, I do invite ’you’ to explore within the processes which bring about or provoke your heart. My hope is wherever you experienced the physical or psychological perception of passion within these words, you adventure —

Many of us in a ‘lifetime’ figure out our unique purpose — coming to peace with what has been, what is, and what will be. Yet, I noticed this happening too often in relation to a closeness with death. The same can be said for our attention to the exaggeration of climate change or acts of violence — examples where an “extinction” is nearing our consciousness. Only then do we feel the urgency to act.

I believe we are constantly experiencing death and the miracle of life simultaneously — proving my appreciation for consciousness with joy, love, truth, equality, peace, and grace. I know I am becoming extinct in this very moment, to imagine you are not is a mere ignorance of scientific history. Therefore, wake up tomorrow and act as if death were your next breath — be compassionate, generous, and loving. 

It is grace which is the essence of the atmosphere — an orb of infinite, limitless, and unified cells. 

I am aware of the laws, responsibility, social etiquette, and the discrepancy within each of our lives — therefore, I implore you to actively condition your cells to consciousness. Acknowledge our oneness — the radical, the rare, and the reaching of ego-based pursuits. Our intellectual progression is our use of time and space — use your time as an opportunity to achieve peace and equality. 

I find the most humility in ‘silence’ — this theory is my reckoning with language and reality. A dictation of my imagination, truth, and wish for us all. 

I pray for a consciousness of grace — to let go and listen to the guiding geometry governing sacred systems: the process of everything. Let us give ourselves mercy, forgiveness, and re-birth. As innocent children, we knew we held the universe within — we were open to teachings, play, and imagination. 

I am not a saint who has been without suffering — the confusion of sexual, emotional, physical, psychological, economic, and technological abuse. Yet, I just refer to these moments as perfect in relation to my living presence. I did not always embody this unconditional love for myself — I once was in a place where, my unconsciousness felt like an unbearable existence. This was my ‘reality’ until I shifted and unveiled grace within. I resolved myself within myself — it is this space in time I remain, reference, and revere —

It is loving to work, to lend a hand in service, to respect the wellbeing of our environment. In this moment, I live in Manhattan — a place which insisted I learn equality. It is seasonal, sensual, and subjects all of us to at least one moment on the subway. With each encounter; I grow my consciousness, my connection to human beings, animals, architecture, and energy — I honor the diversity which is life. I am peace, I am present, and I am grace. 

It is my suggestion to alter your own consciousness towards the light of compassion. In this moment, may you become aware of the truth — you are perfect, equal, and special with this present coexistence. 

If you have never believed you are unconditionally loved — I promise, I love you this way, even if we have never met. This is the truth I believe in — ‘Grace Theory’. A conscious state where all the universe is within and our imagination is forming the reality of tomorrow. I hope you have learned how to not only be in this world, but of it —

— Thank you for reading —